Thursday, May 5, 2022


Today we celebrate our friend and fellow classic film (and more) blogger, Patricia Nolan-Hall aka/Paddy, Paddy Lee - and Caftan Woman, the name of her award-winning blog. When Paddy left us on March 7th, we lost one of classic film's most passionate champions and finest, most devoted bloggers. She was also conscientiously supportive of other bloggers and an avid participant in just about any/all classic film/TV/popular culture blogathons that came along.  And so, we have chosen to join together and honor Paddy with a blogathon of her own, The Caftan Woman Blogathon - Honoring Patricia Nolan-Hall.

Below are listed participating blogs and their subjects. Please visit them all! And please make sure to visit Paddy's blog here. 

Blog/Title of Post

18 Cinema Lane: Take 3:The Song of Bernadette Review

Another Old Movie Blog: The Case of Charlie Chan and The Caftan Woman

By Rich Watson: "Saturday Night at the Movies" Connected Canadian Viewers to Classic Cinema

CineMaven's Essays from the Couch: The Caftan Woman Blogathon: Marked Woman (1937)

Classic Film Observations & Obsessions: Part II of The Carey Family in the John Ford Western Universe

The Classic Movie Muse: Remembering Patricia Nolan-Hall, Our Classic Movie Friend

Critica Retro: Fitzwilly (1967)

Dubsism: Story Time with J-Dub: Episoce 7 - "The Sports Education of Caftan Woman"

Hometowns to Hollywood: Portrait of Jennie (1948)

In the Good Old Days of Classic Hollywood: The Great Dispute: Bette Davis Versus Warner Bros.

Lady Eve's Reel Life: For the Caftan Woman Blogathon: Champagne for Caesar (1950)

Laura's Miscellaneous Musings: Has Anybody Seen My Gal? (1952)

Let Yourself Go...To Old Hollywood: A Period in the Life of Ida Lupino as Television Director: 1963 - 1964

Make Mine Film Noir: In Honor of Patricia Nolan-Hall: The Film Noir Union Station (1950)

Moon in Gemini: Ride the High Country (1962)

Movies Silently: William S. Hart, A Knight of the Trail (1915)

The Old Hollywood Garden: Caftan Woman Blogathon: A Paddy Nolan-Hall Tribute

Once Upon a Screen: Remembering Caftan Woman and Her Words

Outspoken & Freckled: A Sunny Tribute...The Glass Bottom Boat (1966) 

A Person in the Dark: The Binding Ties Made of Film: Remembering the Caftan Woman

Realweegiemidget Reviews: Still Adoring an Always Entertaining Blogging Friend Patricia Nolan-Hall, the Caftan Woman

Rick's Real/Reel Life: Joan Crawford Wows as One of 'The Women'

Shadows and Satin: The Caftan Woman Blogathon: Man of the West (1958)

A Shroud of Thoughts: Perry Mason: "The Case of the Final Fade-Out"

Silent-ology: A Salute to Silent Film Actors with Crazy Long Filmographies

Silver Screen Modes: Treasure Island: From Page to Screen to Cable 

Silver Screenings: The Secret Garden (1949)

Speakeasy: The Caftan Woman Blogathon - Honoring Patricia Nolan-Hall

Spellbound with Beth Ann: Sisters: A Remembrance of Patricia Nolan-Hall

The Stop Button: Ball of Fire (1941, Howard Hawks)

Taking Up Room: Paddy Lee and 'The Patsy'

Vienna's Classic Hollywood: Paul Lukas

 Many thanks to all who joined in this tribute, a labor of love, for Paddy.

Many thanks to the members of the Classic Movie Blog Association for voting this event the Best Movie Blog Event of 2022.


  1. My entry (Let Yourself Go... To Old Hollywood) is ready here:

    The title is "A period in the life of Ida Lupino as television director: 1963-1964"

    1. Thank you, Peter, look forward to reading it!

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    1. Thanks. Hopefully, Jacqueline received it, too. I'll make sure she knows.

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    Thank you again for doing this! :)

    Carol, The Old Hollywood Garden

  5. Here's my contribution. Thanks again for hosting this!

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  7. Thank you and Jacqueline for putting this together and hosting. I think we all needed to show how much Paddy meant to us.


    1. It was done with love and, you're right, Aurora, this was needed.

  8. My post is ready, I tweaked my topic a bit. Many thanks to you and Jacqueline for hosting, it's a lovely idea.

    1. Thank you Lea, and thanks for being a part of the tribute.

  9. Hi, Eve! Here's mine: Thanks again for doing this.


    1. Thank you, Rebecca! Looking forward to reading your post.

  10. Hello Lady Eve ~ I'd like to submit my contribution to Paddy's blogathon with my entry on a Bette Davis movie she's covered: "MARKED WOMAN." You can find my post at CineMaven's Essays from the Couch ~ at this link: Thank You!

    1. Wonderful to have you, Cinemaven, and thanks for joining in!

  11. Hello! Sorry for the late entry, but I just published my review of 'The Song of Bernadette'. Here's the link:

  12. For one last tribute, as the sports guy, I'm doing something sports teams do when they lose a legend. At least until the end of this year, on the main logo for Dubsism there will be a small black patch with the letters "CW" for Caftan Woman.