Wednesday, October 10, 2012

One of Ours...on Turner Classic Movies

Moira Neylon, aka/moirafinnie, blogger on TCM's Movie Morlocks site and member of the Classic Movie Blog Association, will be a guest programmer on Turner Classic Movies next month. Moira and three other Morlocks will be featured in segments with host Robert Osborne on Friday, November 30; each will discuss a film they've chosen to be screened that evening.

I was delighted to discover (thanks to the new issue of TCM's "Now Playing") that Moira selected the classic Jacques Becker crime drama, Touchez Pas Au Grisbi (1954), starring the incomparable Jean Gabin in what has been called his "comeback" performance.  It is one of his best. The film also features a young Jeanne Moreau.

Keep an eye out for Moira on TCM in November and, if you haven't already, check out her work at Movie Morlocks and on her blog, The Skeins. On Twitter, she's @moirathefinn.  She's also active at The Silver Screen Oasis.


  1. Wow! How very exciting - thank you for the heads up! I will be sure to watch. Maybe you should post this on the FB page - I am sure many would be excited.

    1. I didn't post a link to this on my FB page but did post the news that Moira will be on TCM next month. Moira shared her account of her trip to Atlanta with me and it sounded like a classic movie lover-and-blogger's dream. Ahhh, what a heady mixture of excitement and envy I experienced as I read of her excursion into TCM Land.

  2. A great achievement and so well deserved. Moira's a gifted writer who knows more than most of us about classic film.

  3. What a wonderful experience for Moira -- being on TCM with Robert O! Thanks, Eve, for the info -- I'll be watching on 11/30!