A Month of "Vertigo"

Throughout January and into the first days of February 2012, Lady Eve’s Reel Life hosted its first major event, A Month of VERTIGO. During this month-plus, 12 bloggers and one ‘vlogger' (video blogger) took turns considering varied facets of the Alfred Hitchcock masterwork, Vertigo (1958).

Mostly misunderstood by the critics and movie-going audience of its day, Vertigo endured...and, eventually, flourished. Today it is generally considered Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpiece of masterpieces and is one of the most highly regarded films in movie history. In fact, just three months after our "month of Vertigo" event, Sight & Sound critics voted it the greatest film of all time. Vertigo is an ambitious work of grand scale and reputation - a staggering review subject for the lone blogger. And so, we (lucky) 13 joined together to contemplate the film from many angles:

Deadly Obsession: Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo by R.D. Finch of The Movie Projector - click on title for link.

Bernard Herrmann ~ Composer of Haunting Music and Treacherous Dreams by Whistlingypsy of Distant Voices and Flickering Shadows - click on title for link.

The Costumes of Vertigo by Christian Esquevin of Silver Screen Modiste and author of Adrian: Silver Screen to Custom Label - click on blog post title for link.

Kim Novak in Vertigo: A Hypnotic Presence by Brandie Ashe of True Classics - click on title for link.

More Than Just the Streets of San Francisco by Michael Nazarewycz of Filmnoria.com, ManILoveFilms.com and ScribeHard on Film - click on title for link.

An Inconsequential Yarn by Steven DeRosa, author of Writing with Hitchcock (and website of the same name) - click on blog post title for link.

John Greco of Twenty Four Frames offers an Interview with Hitchcock biographer Patrick McGilligan, author of  Alfred Hitchcock: A Life in Darkness and Light. The two discuss the esteemed filmmaker's great masterpiece, Vertigo - click on blog post title for link.

With Vertigo, the Bit Players, blogger Allen Hefner of Bit Part Actors examines those in the film's cast whose parts ranged from small to momentary - click on title for link.

James Stewart: A Walk on the Dark Side by Brian of Classic Film Boy's Movie Paradise - click on title for link.

Brandon Kyle Goco of Brandon Kyle the Cinephile explores Vertigo: Alfred Hitchcock's Edifice to Obsession with a video blog - click on title for link.

Vertigo for Life by Dan Auiler, Vertigo expert and author of the most essential book on the film there is, VERTIGO: The Making of a Hitchcock Classic - click on blog post title for link.
Joel Gunz aka/the Alfred Hitchcock Geek, takes a look at a very specific moment in Vertigo with Hitchcock’s Most Beautiful Shot Ever; Or, A Single Frame So Good, 2000 Words Don’t Do It Justice - click on title for link.

Lady Eve ponders Vertigo's evolution from genre fiction to cinematic work of art with A Month of Vertigo, the Final Chapter - click on title for link.

The Classic Movie Blog Association honored "A Month of Vertigo" with its 2012 Best Blog Event award