Saturday, November 26, 2011

Coming Soon to REEL LIFE...

Some Came Running

A sampling of a few posts and one event (my first!) on the near horizon for The Lady Eve's Reel Life:

The Families of Vincent Minnelli
A look at some of the director's most memorable family-themed films, including Meet Me in St. Louis (1944), Father of the Bride (1950), Some Came Running (1958) and Home From the Hill (1960). Plus a look at the award-winning artist's own life.

These Amazing Shadows
Late in December the PBS series "Independent Lens" will spotlight  "culturally, historically... aesthetically significant" American films included in the National Film Registry with the one-hour documentary, These Amazing Shadows. The registry's beginnings with National Film Preservation Act of 1988 is also covered. I'll be previewing the documentary ahead of its air date.

The Shop Around the Corner
Just in time for the holidays...a reflection on Ernst Lubitsch's 1940 classic. The director's own favorite among his films, it is set at Christmastime in Budapest, features a sparkling ensemble cast led by James Stewart, Margaret Sullavan and Frank Morgan...and 'tis perfection.

A Month of Vertigo
A great group of guest contributors - and me - will blog on myriad facets of Alfred Hitchcock's masterwork. I'm hoping A Month of Vertigo makes for a very interesting beginning to 2012...


  1. Looking forward to this, Eve! SOME CAME RUNNING is probably one of my top Minnelli films (others being LUST FOR LIFE and MEET ME IN SAINT LOUIS). I read the James Jones novel many years ago and while I do remember liking it, I can't say I remember much other than there had to be a lot of editing due to the size of the book and censorship issues.

    I see we are both going to be doing pre-air looks of the PBS doc., THESE AMAZING SHADOWS; it will be interesting to compare the two.

    ...And a Month of VERTIGO, what can I say? It just makes me dizzy thinking about it! A great way to begin a new year.


  2. Eve, I'm very much looking forward to the coming attractions you mentioned, especially A Month of VERTIGO! Why, it's got me in a spin! :-) Hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday season in the meantime!

  3. Hi, John -

    Since you mention it, my favorite Vincente Minnelli films are "Meet Me in St. Louis," "Father of the Bride," "The Bad and the Beautiful," "The Band Wagon," "Lust for Life," "Gigi" and ""Some Came Running." That was in chronological order, basically, there is no order except for #1, "St. Louis"...

    Without giving too much away, I think "These Amazing Shadows" should be of interest to everyone/anyone who loves film.

    And as for "Vertigo," thank you for your contribution - and you're finished already! I'm sure all Hitchcock and "Vertigo" fans will want to read your interview with his biographer, Patrick McGilligan.

    Dorian -

    "Vertigo" has made John dizzy and now has you in a spin...well, all I can say is "down and down I go, round and round I go" - quite a project! I hope you enjoy it.

    And I hope your holidays are merry and bright...

  4. I'm really looking forward to reading your up coming posts, to some of my favorite films. Dec. is going to be a great month with Lady Eve.

  5. Dawn - December is shaping up to be very busy month on all fronts...but blog-wise, I hope you like what's in store here in my "reel life."

  6. This sounds like a "reely" good line-up Lady Eve. I'm especially looking forward to reading your take on The Shop Around the Corner. You are going to be one busy writer next year!

  7. Wonderful lineup, Eve. Minnelli, Vertigo ... I look forward to all of them!

  8. Thanks, Becky, a busy holiday season, as ever...

  9. Definitely curious about These Amazing Shadows and looking forward to your preview!


  10. Thanks, Kendra, the preview is coming very soon.

  11. A month of Vertigo. I'm camping out here!

  12. FlickChick - Details on "A Month of Vertigo" to be posted soon...