Monday, July 15, 2019

Coming August 25 & 26: The Vive la France! Blogathon

On July 14, France's Bastille Day, the Vive la France! blogathon was officially announced. The event will be hosted by this blog and Silver Screen Modes. Originally set for Sunday, August 25, we have expanded the event and added Monday, August 26, to better accommodate all the bloggers who have signed up to participate.  Our subject is broad and includes just about "everything" France/French-related. For example, French films, movies set in France, films or profiles of stars and directors and writers and cinematographers, etc., of the French cinema, as well as French actors, directors, etc., who would have major Hollywood (and/or international) careers, a few of whom, like Claudette Colbert, were born in France but raised in the U.S.

Other possible subjects could be different aspects of the history of French cinema: at the beginning and the Lumieres and Melies, the avant-garde filmmaking of the '20s, the classic era of the '30s, the German occupation and its impact on filmmaking/filmmakers, Cahiers du cinema and the "auteur theory," the era of the French New Wave/Nouvelle Vague...and so on. There are so many possibilities. See Silver Screen Modes' announcement post for more background on French cinema.

To join in or if you have questions or suggestions, contact or; you can also comment below. Banners to be used are scattered around this post.

Though we hosts of Vive la France! are members of the Classic Movie Blog Association and all members are welcome to participate, this blogathon is also open to non-member classic film bloggers. As is often standard, we're restricting submissions to one entry per topic (a particular film or subject).

As of this date, these are the participating blogs and subjects being covered:
  • 4 Star Films: Leon Morin, Priest (1961)
  • Anybody Got a Match?: Funny Face (1957)
  • Caftan Woman: Paris Blues (1961)
  • Cinematic Scribblings: Jean-Pierre Léaud
  • Classic Film & TV Café: The Bride Wore Black (1968)
  • Critica Retro: Faces of Children/Visages d'enfants (1925)
  • Lady Eve's Reel Life: The French Roots of Noir: Two Films from Marcel Carné and Jean Gabin 
  • Lady Eve’s Reel Life: The Soft Skin/La peau douce (1964)
  • Maddy Loves Her Classic Films: Five French Classics You Should See
  • Make Mine Film Noir: Merci pour le chocolat (2000)
  • Midnite Drive-In La Planete Sauvage (1973)
  • Mike's Take on the Movies: Farewell, Friend (1968)
  • Motion Picture Gems: Small Change (1976)
  • Movies Silently: Madame du Barry (1919)
  • Old Hollywood Films: All This and Heaven, Too (1940) 
  • The Old Hollywood Garden: Les Diaboliques (1955)
  • Once Upon a Screen: The Aristocats (1970)
  • A Person in the Dark: Lilliom (1934)
  • Realweegiemidget Reviews: Leon (1994)
  • Retro Movie Buff: The Young Girls of Rochefort (1967)
  • A Shroud of Thoughts: The Phantom of the Opera (1925)
  • Silver Screenings: The Baker's Wife (1938)
  • Silver Screen Modes: Z (1969)
  • The Stop Button: Boudu Saved from Drowning (1932)
  • Strictly Vintage Hollywood: Gay Purr-ee (1962)
  • Twenty Four Frames: Repulsion (1965)