Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Thanks, Dawn, for the Stylish Blogger Award

Dawn at “Noir & Chick Flicks” has kindly honored Eve’s Reel Life with a “Stylish Blogger Award.” Many thanks to Dawn, a real fan of Golden Age classics!  Here’s her URL – http://dawnschickflicks.blogspot.com/

Those honored with the “Stylish Blogger Award” must reveal seven facts about themselves… here are seven things about me that may or may not be interesting:

Bette in Now, Voyager
1.   I’ve loved Golden Age classics since childhood. I believe I inherited this addiction from my mother – along with “Bette Davis love”…her favorite of BD: Now, Voyager
2.  TCM is the default channel at my place, though I’m delving into Comcast’s On Demand Premium Channels/Preferred Selections (thanks to Rick of the Classic/Cafe)
3.  I own very few DVDs…I used to own lots of video tapes and then realized that technology will only change again and again…now I watch movies any and every way I can
4.  I work in TV and have worked in the entertainment biz most of my life
5.  Because of my line of work I’ve met or come into contact with a few of the famous…the most memorable was Loretta Young
6.  My love of film extends from silent era to present day classics, including foreign cinema
"Mad Men"
7.  I am a “Mad Men” fanatic and just found out today that there may be no 2011 season and no new episodes till 2012…NOOOO!

Those chosen as “Stylish Bloggers” are asked to name seven more stylish bloggers – here are my picks:

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  1. Lady Eve, congratulations on your win, Dawn shows great discernment and style. I knew you were a fan of MAD MEN (no episodes until 2012 probably means 1966 will vanish into the television mists just as 1961 did). I didn’t know that you had met Loretta Young, but I’m sure you have a lovely anecdote about an equally lovely lady. Thank you for the blog love and for the mention, and as always I enjoy reading your very stylish blog (especially like your choice in new background and theme).

  2. Thanks, 'gypsy...and you're more than welcome for the blog love, you grace the blogosphere with an incredible amount of discernment and style...
    I'm just hoping that "Mad Men" itself doesn't vanish into the television mists.
    Loretta Young attended the 50th anniversary of SF's Coit Tower and I worked for a radio station that was involved in the event. All I remember well is that she was unexpected and may have come with Janet Gaynor or someone else of the era who had RSVPed. The two were introduced around to event sponsors...but what I truly remember is her beautiful (approx. 70 yr. old) face - Madonna-like...

  3. Glad Dawn picked you...I learned a lot of new stuff about you.

  4. Kim...I should clarify, I was one of seven Dawn picked - and still I AM HONORED (thanks)...

  5. Congratulations, Eve! Dawn paid you a well-earned compliment. Glad to know more about you from the seven questions.

  6. I really enjoyed learning more about you. Loved reading about your Loretta Young experience.

  7. good for you...stylish is always better than "style-less"...love your new look blog, but I think that I am suffering from "white out"....lol!!

  8. doctor...I got tired of the "blackout" - & thanx

  9. Congrats on the award! How fascinating that you work in TV. How did you get into something like that (genuinely curious!)?

  10. Kendra...it started in radio and eventually led to TV.